all STORIES How one company is enhancing the Canadian fresh produce supply chain

How one company is enhancing the Canadian fresh produce Supply Chain

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Kyle Hunter, Hazel Technologies
May 27, 2016 4:59 PM CST

Indoor Farms of America has created a product known as GrowTrucks, which transforms trucks, trailers, and containers into portable large scale farms that produce a high-yield.

1 growtruck, also known as a farmers market in a box, can grow over 5,000 heads of leafy greens

1 GrowTruck, also known as a "farmers market" in a box, can grow over 5,000 heads of leafy greens in one growing cycle.

GrowTrucks utilizes aeroponics for vertical indoor farming for a wide variety of crops, and it can be used in diverse geographical locations to help improve food security.

GrowTrucks are recognized for high-yield production of crops, however, it is easy to overlook the sustainability they bring to agricultural crop production.

Growing crops vertically uses a fraction of the size that a traditional farm would use on arable land.

There are many variables that have to be identified before growing crops, such as ideal weather and a vast amount of accessible freshwater.

GrowTrucks can be placed virtually anywhere since the crops are grown inside a controlled environment, and the use of aeroponics eliminates the
need for large amounts of freshwater.

“Garden Fresh” is no longer limited to a geographical location, climate or the time of year thanks to GrowTrucks.

One such geographical location that is less than ideal for growing crops is Canada due to its harsh cold weather.

According to a news release, Indoor farms of America signed a Distributors Agreement with Greenhouses Canada, this agreement brings their reliable, high-yield aeroponic equipment to the Canadian produce supply chain.

“We will bring localized, affordable produce to many regions of our country, and we are excited about that,” stated Jeff Scharf, President of Greenhouses Canada.

Fresh and affordable produce is not a luxury that many people have, typically produce has to travel an extensive amount of time reach its final destination and during this time the produce can spoil before it arrives.

GrowTrucks provide a wide range of benefits, one important benefit is the prevention of food spoilage. Since the food can be grown locally there is less to be wasted and a less visible carbon footprint from agricultural products.

Indoor Farms of America’s aeroponic growing equipment is not limited to GrowTrucks, the equipment can also be installed into existing structures such as greenhouses and warehouse farms. The GrowTrucks are portable for strategic location, and recently they been modified to be wheelchair accessible.

“This innovative farm is now immediately available in Canada, allowing folks with disabilities to participate and operate a farm,” said Ron Evans, company President. “Simply wonderful stuff.”

David Martin, CEO of Indoor Farms of America, encourages like-minded people who believe that sustainable agriculture is the future to reach out to him.

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