all STORIES New headspace gas analyzer is an interesting new technology for measuring produce freshness

New headspace gas analyzer is an interesting new technology for measuring produce freshness

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May 17, 2016 11:09 AM CST

As the produce industry becomes increasingly global, fresh produce distributors, growers, and packers are looking for new technologies to help manage produce inventory freshness. Freshness is not only a key market differentiator economically, but also is directly linked to prominent concerns such as food safety.

Modified atmosphere packaging technologies have played a crucial role in the produce industry

The F-920 headspace measurer from Felix Instruments is the cutting edge of freshness monitoring and food safety assurance for produce distributors.

A new headspace gas analyzer, developed by food technology firm Felix Instruments, has just arrived on the market and will soon be available for use by produce industry professionals worldwide.

The F-920 handheld gas analyzer allows for carbon dioxide measurement within the cavities of packaged fresh-cut produce.

The increasing emergence of modified atmosphere food packaging (MAP) in the produce industry, a technique that was originally discussed in food technology in the 1980's, has directly led to significant improvements in fresh produce shelf life for produce distributors.

However, the use of MAP technology has traditionally presented challenges, for example, ensuring proper gas levels in packaged produce to prevent spoiling and degradation of freshness. If the oxygen levels are not measured properly and become too high, the potential for spoilage and food safety hazard drastically increases.

The new F-920, also called "Check-it!" has several features which make the quality assurance process for produce distributors as easy as possible, including fast processing time, easy data transfer, and smart phone sync capability, to name a few.

For more info, check out an in-depth write up at Fresh Plaza.

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