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Three unique food waste fighters

Matthew Katz, Marketing Associate at BlueCart
June 24, 2016 1:55 pm CST

If there’s one good thing about food waste, it’s that people are finding new, creative ways to fight it. Every country is attacking this epidemic in ways different from another, but each tactic is making an impact.

Fruits and Vegetables

Food Cowboy fights food waste at the distributor level.

We went through some of the companies that are taking a problem and creating a fun, effective solution. Here’s three companies that we are tipping our cap too.

MisFit Juicery
If being a Misfit is nerdy, then we don’t want to be cool! Don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t a juice company. It is much more. MisFit has one of the more creative approaches and is a company that truly believes that “it is what is on the inside that counts.” The food waste company takes produce that isn’t good looking enough for restaurants or grocery stores and turns it into COLD pressed juice. Farmers would normally have to throw away 20 to 40 percent of their yield because of the high standards of retail stores. Instead of throwing the unwanted fruit away, farmers can give their unwanted produce to MisFit which in turn reduces greenhouse gases.  

MisFit Juicery is based out of Washington, D.C. and is another example of innovation coming out of the Nation’s Capital!

Compost Crusader LLC
Compost Crusader is a story about how one person’s perseverance and passion can change how an entire state approaches a problem. The Milwaukee based company, started by Melissa Tashjian, has rerouted more than 130,000 pounds of material from being thrown into Milwaukee landfills.  The social innovation company looks to divert 50-75 percent of waste (mostly from restaurants) and transport that waste to a composting faculty. All organic waste is taken from the restaurant (we’re talking everything from scraps to bones).

With 55 clients on board (and counting), Melissa could be considered the caped crusader of the food waste world.  

Food Cowboy
The Food Cowboy is a twenty first century Robin Hood of sorts. The Bethesda based company combines technology to combat food waste in a timely fashion. For example, if a distributor gets an order of produce rejected and returned then that distributor can notify charities and food kitchens on the Food Cowboy app.

Food kitchens typically host canned food, which can be high in fat and salt. Food Cowboy enables these same food kitchens and charities the access to produce full of nutrients. Another man’s trash can be someone’s treasure with Food Cowboy!

Katz is a Marketing Associate at BlueCart. BlueCart is a free online and mobile ordering platform that helps restaurants and suppliers simplify their ordering process, strengthen relationships, and gain powerful insight into their business operations. You can learn more at

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