all STORIES Agribotix uses drones to aid farmers in surveying crops to increase production quantity and yield.

Agribotix uses drones to aid farmers in surveying crops to increase production quantity and yield. (

The Sky is the Limit for Agricultural Intelligence

Kyle Hunter, Hazel Technologies
July 21, 2016 12:53pm CST

New innovative drone technology brings a bird eye’s view leading to more productive agricultural management. Drones in the sky is a common site for most people no matter their location, and for some it is a new method to take improved selfies.

Agribotix uses NDVI to survey strong and weak areas in the field

Agribotix uses NDVI to survey strong and weak areas in the field so farmers can save precious resources by quickly addressing sustainability issues.

However, at Agribotix they are using drones to help farmers improve their production quality and yield.

Surveying farmland to identify crops that need attention as well as the healthy ones use to be a long and taxing process by foot. Through FarmLens™ by Agribotix, drones now can provide aerial images that identify the condition of the fields and give a health report on them. This is possible through the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) map, which uses color contrast to represent the strongest as well as the weakest areas in the field.

Using the NDVI to collect data can can be a life-saver for a farmer because they can quickly address the problems they are having and they know precisely where they are located. Being able to address the problems in their fields helps farmers to have a highly-successful harvest.

Sustainability is another agricultural aspect that is just as important as having a high-yield crop production. FarmLens™ can improve sustainability because it can identify the areas of the field that need attention, therefore reducing the amount of resources that are needed to resolve the problem. Being able to pinpoint sustainability issues plays a critical role minimizing the carbon-footprint and maximizing profits on agricultural goods.  

Currently 30 countries around the world are using the data FarmLens™ produces to improve the awareness of their crop conditions. FarmLens™ is not the only product Agribotix offers to consumers. They have also have designed a few models of agricultural drones.

The Agribotix Agrion™ Agricultural Drone System is an affordable and portable that uses a near infrared (NIR) camera to collect and process data, which gives the consumer the results in minutes. The Enduro is a long range quad copter that can take off and land with precision, it has multiple sensors that such as NIR and RGB cameras for different platforms. Just as the name describes it, the Enduro is designed for long-endurance flights and with one set of batteries it can travel over 160 acres. Lastly, the Hornet has been streamline designed with robust-wings to provide long-distance coverage up to 400 acres.

The future of agricultural drones brings reliable crop data to the consumers so they efficiently address any problems in the field to produce a successful harvest as well as minimize their carbon-footprint.

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