all STORIES Don’t Judge Fruits and Vegetables by their Cover

Don’t Judge Fruits and Vegetables by their Covers

Kyle Hunter, Hazel Technologies
August 11, 2016 3:50 pm CST

Garden fresh isn’t always visually appealing, however, general consumers may not be aware of the ugly produce problem. Each year roughly “40 percent of food in the United States goes uneaten” because it is considered “ugly produce” or “imperfect produce”.

Ugly produce, or produce that is visually unappealing or deformed, contributes significantly to the

Ugly produce, or produce that is visually unappealing or deformed, contributes significantly to the billions of dollars that is loss annually due to food waste.

In today’s society there are many different educational campaigns to help prepare the future generations such as the Let’s Move, another educational campaign gaining momentum is the Ugly Produce is Beautiful.

Ugly or imperfect produce refers to that the produce is in some way deformed or visually unappealing, and in the US alone the 40 percent of food that is wasted is equivalent to $165 billion annually. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2.9 trillion pounds of uneaten food is wasted each year, that amount of food could feed 800 million people worldwide.

In California, Imperfect Produce is taking the “ugly” produce from both organic and conventional farms and delivering it to consumers’ doorsteps weekly. Imperfect Produce has a quality-control system in place to make sure their consumers receive a fresh and nutritious product.

Imperfect Produce works closely with the farmers to collect the “ugly” produce while it is fresh in order to deliver it to the consumers at a low price. This produce that is overlooked by distributors in the food supply chain for cosmetic reasons usually wastes away on farms, which is why is able to be sold at such a low price.

At the end of the day “ugly” produce is just as fresh and nutritious as what the consumers would find at their local supermarket. Imperfect Produce clarifies “If we wouldn’t eat it, we wouldn’t sell it”.

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