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5 Early Stage Startups Making the World a Better Place

These 5 Startups are gaining traction, and have a broader vision for humanity. Have you heard of them?

Aman Kapoor, Hazel Technologies
March 3, 2016 3:43 pm CST

1. Ananda
With the goal to accelerate the transition of scientific breakthroughs into new diagnostics,
ANANDA uses nanotechnology to increase the standardization, precision and reproducibility
of bioassays.  Using their patented
technology, ANANDA is changing cell culture models which have not been done in
over the last 100 years, allowing for increased efficiency in creating new
drugs and improving medical research

The following video shows neurons grown on
ANANDA’s microfluidic chambers

2. Dash
Dash uses a device which is easily connectable to your car for better driving tips. The device connects with the Dash phone app helping customers save money, learn about
needed maintenance, improve fuel efficiency, and alert family after an

Dash works with most cars made since 1996, and currently available for IOS and Android device.

3. Neuro+
Based out of Durham, North Carolina, Neuro+ aims to increase customer attention skills through video
games. Users wear a wireless headset to measure brain activity and body movement while the games challenge focus, control over the body and ability to ignore

Neuro+ is currently live, see their website for more details.

4. ReadySet Surgical
Common issues among hospital workflows are high cost of surgical equipment and poor vendor communication. Using a cloud based
platform, ReadySetSurgical uses a dashboard to solve logistic, confirmation, and communication problems associated with healthcare management.

ReadySet Surgical allows hospitals to easily
loan equipment to each another

5. Smart  Charge
Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, SmartCharge is reinventing LED bulbs. These bulbs have built in batteries allowing 4 hours of light if a power outage occurs. After launching a  KickStarter which received the support of over
900 donors, SmartCharge is now accepting pre-orders.

Smart Charge 2.0 is live on IndieGoGo

Smart Charge 2.0 is live on IndieGoGo

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