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A brief look at some of the most recent trending stories in foodwaste news. 

EU abandons once promising 2025 Goal for Foodwaste Reduction

A European Union mandate once believed to be the next great progressive step to curtail foodwaste in Europe appears to have been dropped, according to the Guardian

The foodwaste prevention plan involved laws mandating a hard minimum of 30% reduction of foodwaste by 2025, among other restrictions pertaining to environmental waste. 

This troubling development is the latest in a series of setbacks for foodwaste prevention regulations in Europe, where at least several hundreds of millions of euros value in edible food are wasted each year. Big business protests and lobbying are being blamed for this most recent setback.

EU senior official Frans Timmermans has promised a revamped proposal in the near future. 

European Union Map

The size of the European Union can make certain legislation difficult to pass. Foodwaste prevention legislation has suffered these exact difficulties in recent years. 

7.3 Million Tons of Foodwaste prevented by key 2014 initiatives, reports EPA

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has reported the results of two key programs designed to create momentum toward ambitious 2030 foodwaste limits.

The first, the Food Recovery Challenge, involving several hundred grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues around the United States, resulted in over 88,000 tons of food being diverted from landfills to food banks and shelters in 2014. 

The WasteWise program, involving larger entities such as Universities and major corporations, prevented a whopping 6.7 million tons of food waste last year.

This success has been credited to the stellar efficiency developed by University dining systems such as the highly efficient system at the University of California at Santa Cruz, as well as major cooperative anti-foodwaste initiatives with large corporations like auto giant Toyota. 

Breaking down the 7.3 Million Tons of Food Diverted from landfills by the EPA in 2014

EPA Special Programs. directly led to over 7 Million Tons of prevented food waste in the United States in 2014

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