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HazelBlog is the official food waste and food technology blog of Hazel Technologies LLC, a biotechnology startup based out of Chicago, Illinois.  

Hazel Technologies' primary product, FruitBrite, is a biodegradable pod that increases the storage life of produce in supply chains.

HazelBlog is the official food waste awareness and food-technology startup blog of Hazel Technologie

HazelBlog is the official food waste awareness and food-technology startup blog of Hazel Technologies. 

In the United States alone, 33% of all harvested produce goes to waste each year, representing at least $38.5 billion in losses (other estimates suggest higher figures). Agriculture remains a resource intensive industry: it is the principal consumer of fresh water, guzzling 80% of this precious resource, and also consumes 10% of the U.S. annual energy production.

Internationally, the world population will swell to 10 billion by 2050, according to the United Nations - but even today, 805 million people worldwide are undernourished, with southern Asia, eastern Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa comprising 80% of this population.

At Hazel Technologies, we believe that food security will be key to the future of society. Without progress in the fields of agricultural technology and food technology, the world will be very different in decades to come. 

As the official blog of Hazel Technologies, we seek to provide content on:

Food technology startups

Food Waste Prevention

Agricultural technology and hydroponics

Relevant Industry News

Industry Insider Interviews

Our goal is to build a community to share content and spread awareness and learning.

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